Art has the power to inspire us, make us think outside the box, fascinate curiosity and ask questions. Regardless of the medium, be it photography, paint or design, art surrounds us and the best thing is that you can keep yourself updated on what’s happening in the world of art.

If you are passionate about art and you like spending your day indoors, there are a number of sites that will talk and show art and keep you engaged and informed.

Are you still scratching your head wondering the news that’s constantly shining out of the art industry? Well, keep scrolling and learn about these five websites that will keep you up-to-date.


First on our list is a well-known art newspaper called It was established in 1996 and today, it has the best collections and biggest news sources on what’s happening in the art industry. If you love knowing what the world of art is doing, check this website from time to time and you’ll definitely be updated.


If wondering what to find in this art, you’ll be surprised to find various auctions, art fairs, and other major events happening in the world of art. In addition, you’ll get a list of some of the most famous museums and art galleries and if you like it, subscribe and be the first one to get updates.


Second on our list of top websites for art news and information is that never disappoint as long as current happenings in the art industry is concerned.

Here, you’ll find information and news about art galleries. Also, you’re likely to find a different section of ancient art, contemporary art, features and reviews, video gallery, photo gallery and art blog. This is definitely a great website to keep you both engaged and up-to-date.


Are you looking for an art website that will glue you to your coach the entire day? If yes, your search ends here at will sort you out. This website is designed for art lovers like you and its objective is to make the world of art accessible to anyone across the world and if you have a stable internet connection and a device, you’re in.


The website contains more than 30,000 artworks and you can purchase the paintings that please your eyes. Interestingly, this site has an art database that studies the features of paintings from different artists and connects them on the basis of their genes. Also, it has a separate part containing current events and blog in the world of art.


Have you ever heard of Well, if you are passionate about art, I’m sure the site rings a bell on your mind. 3dvas means 3D Virtual Art Space and the site is simply a virtual art gallery. Artists place their paintings for exhibition and you get an opportunity to enter 3D virtual space and explore their work. After walking around the exhibition hall, you can magnify the paintings that catch your attention, take guided tours, and view the profile of different artists. To make it even better, you can chat live with other visitors and know how they perceive art.

5. was founded by Noah Becker and has been covering the happenings in the world of art since 2005. The site presents a lively mix of interviews, reviews and news to ensure that art enthusiasts are updated.

Currently, has gone a step further to launch the careers of upcoming and young writers and you can learn a lot from them especially how to make it in the art industry.

Bottom line

The world of art is broad and there are different websites with the best sources for art events receptions, happenings and opening that ensure you don’t miss a thing. If you’re an upcoming artist, you need inspiration and the above websites will get you started.