Cameras that shoot 360-degree photospheres and videos are gaining popularity. However, they are still a specialized niche and cannot fully replace regular cameras or phones when it comes to capturing day-to-day images. If you are undecided, you need to learn some of the benefits of using these cameras. The following are some of the good reasons for buying a 360-degree camera.

The ability to shoot 360-degree videos and photospheres

This is the most obvious benefit of using 360 degree cameras. With some phones, you can painstakingly capture several dozen pictures and they will stitch them together into a sphere. However, with a 360-degree camera, you can capture the 360-degree photos in just one click.

360 Camera

Friends, relatives and other people can enjoy 360-degree photos on a number of social media websites, including YouTube, Facebook. A 360-degree camera will enable you to capture your reality in a fully interactive and immersive manner.

Costs are beginning to reduce

Although some 360-degree cameras cost up to 60,000 dollars, much less expensive cameras are available. You probably will not find a great 360 camera for less than 100 dollars. Even if such a camera were available, its features and quality of images would not be impressive. It is worth it to spend extra on a higher quality camera that can capture real-life footage in the clearest manner. There are 360-degree cameras that cost less than 1,000 and they still shoot appealing videos and flawless photos.

Some 360-degree cameras are portable and small

A majority of 360-degree cameras are tiny, wireless and easy to store or carry around. While large DSLR cameras require storage for tripods, microphones and lenses among other kinds of gear, small 360-degree cameras are perfect for fast shooting and storage.

You no longer have to worry about setting up the accessories of a camera in order to capture the perfect shot. A 360-degree camera is inconspicuous enough to use almost anywhere.

Easy to use

Figuring out all the features and controls on a DSLR camera can be daunting if you are not a professional or do not have the time to become an expert with the camera you are using. Many 360-degree cameras are relatively easy to set up and use, in spite of what you may think.

Some even just have one or two buttons that you will use to capture footage. Although the technology is more advanced, figuring out how these cameras work is easy.

A wide range of cameras to choose from

Some years ago, there were only a few options for high-quality 360-degree cameras. However, these days, there is a large variety of 360-degree cameras to select from. You can therefore research about the features of the different cameras to know which one suits your needs best. Almost every 360-degree camera on the market has its specialty. If you are looking for a great action/ sports 360-degree camera, you may choose to buy one that is dust, shock and waterproof.

360-degree cameras have many uses

The best thing about 360-degree cameras is being able to share the photos. You can share your amazing images on YouTube, Facebook and websites such as Flickr. Apart from using the cameras to capture incredible footage, you might also use them in other creative ways.


For instance, some cameras have accessories such as light bulb adapters that allow them to be used as security cameras at home. You only need to screw in the 360-camera to a light fixture it fits in and use your Smartphone to monitor your home when you are away on a trip.


A 360-degree camera is a tool that you should consider adding to your photographing arsenal. You will love the results you can get when shooting images or videos with such a camera.