Life coaches can be a valuable asset to anyone struggling to make positive changes in their life. There may be a lot of stigma attached to life coaches, but the simple truth is that we all need a little extra support sometimes.

Life coaches are trained and often licensed individuals that can practice in areas like business consulting, relationships, career information, and can even help with personal goals such as weight loss or other fitness goals.

Hiring a life coach can be a bit costly depending on the rates for your area, but it is a personal investment that can be well worth the cost.

Life coaches do not replace counselors or therapists, however, but can work work mentally stable individuals who need coaching and encouragement to accomplish their goals. Life coaches are not trained to treat mental illnesses or traumas nor can they prescribe any medications.


Choosing a life coach will first start with the question: what do you want to change in your life? Think about the direction you want to take in life, and start to develop an idea of what your goals are what you are hoping to achieve with a life coach. Based on your goals, do you need a life coach?

If you feel stuck in a particular area in your life, a life coach can be a great tool to help you change your habits and help you accomplish your goals.

After you have a solid idea of what it is you want from a life coach, you’ll also need to start preparing yourself for the coaching. A lot of people want the end result of change and success, but a lot of people aren’t ready to or willing to put in the work to accomplish change or success.

Be ready to work hard and to receive constructive criticism. Life coaches are not enabling friends you offer you words of encouragement no matter what.


Rather, life coaches will hold you accountable to your plans and let you know what you need to improve on and what you may have not done correctly or well. We all handle criticism differently based on what area is being criticized.

Some people are very sensitive about their ability in a certain area and having someone point out our flaws in those areas can make us feel especially vulnerable and sensitive.

Given our individual sensitivities, find a coach that can respond to your needs without completely wrecking you emotionally. No progress can truly be made if you are battered into an emotionally crippled version of yourself. Some people need tough love, but others need sensitive criticism in small doses.

There are so many life coaches available, especially through an online platform, so don’t settle on someone that isn’t truly helping you achieve your goals and build a healthier you–emotionally and/or physically. Do a little internet searching like ‘Professional and Certified Life Coach in Phoenix AZ’ in order to comb through results specific to your area.

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Talk with your life coach about how you want to measure success and set firm goals and deadlines in order for you to be successful in a given amount of time. Otherwise, you will keep paying someone to really not do there job, right? Set deadlines and define measurements in order to keep you and your coach on track. Of course, some goals may need a little wiggle room, but too much gray space for a not motivated life coach could drag out your services and result in you paying a lot more than you originally wanted to.
Lastly, if you are worried about hiring a life coach and it being a total waste of time, look into the education and training of a life coach you’re interested in hiring. Life coaches may be required in certain states to become licensed or certified before practicing, so do a little research and make sure that your life coach is a legitimate practitioner, just as you would do before choosing a dentist or doctor, or another professional.