Buying a gift can be difficult even if you are getting it for someone you know really well and you can talk too regularly. Think about children, they don’t know what they really want or they want everything they see. That’s why they are the most difficult to please when it comes to buying a present.

You can spend a lot of money on a gift they will not use at all and it will wind up somewhere on the floor of the house, while at the same time you can spend practically no money on a gift that they will cherish for a long time. This means that spending a lot of money on a gift does not mean that it will be good.

This time we would like to look at best gifts for 3-year-old girls and make it essayer for you to go out and get a gift.

Dress up Dolls

Now even though most people think of Barbie dolls for this category there are a lot of other toys that are similarly designed and have the same function as the dolls made from the world famous brand. These dolls have been criticized by some for teaching young girls how to perceive their femininity in a way that is pleasing to the male gaze. There are others who just see it as a doll that helps the child express their inner self thru imagining the doll and how it looks and acts.

However, you look at them they are present in a lot of rooms and they are a fun past time for a lot of girls who play with them all thru the day.


Educational Toys

There are a lot of educational toys and we can not say that there is a great difference between toys for 2 year old girls and those that are designed for boys. The difference is often in the color of the toy sets and the function you want to teach the child. For instance, color recognition toys are more popular for girls, while those that teach you how to screw a bolt into something are for boys.

We strongly advise that you do not limit your child’s learning by making the good at one thing and bad at the other just because of gender norms. Both sexes can have advantages from recognizing different colors or from knowing how to fix things around the house.


All children like to play pretend, especially girls who make an event out of it. That’s why you can never make a mistake by buying a costume or a bunch of them for your child. They do not have to dress up like that just for Halloween, a lot of children like to play princes every day.

They can combine different costume sets into their own specific ones and they can have fun with that all day long this is why we recommend that you buy a couple of different ones and just give them to the child, they will know what to do with them.