When starting a business, time and effort are required. Don’t be in a rush to start as soon as possible, take your time and get prepared first. It is of great importance that you get informed about everything you need. Look for the only best and don’t settle with low quality. Among such a variety of products, it is easy to get lost and make a decision. To help you have a good start, we made a list of what we recommend.

Fuji Spray 2100 miniTAN PLATINUM™ M-Model Start-Up Package

It offers a few things that are a must for a professional salon. Good quality with affordable price.

California Tan VIP MobileBronzer Kit

It has all the tanning supplies a salon needs, and the investment will be worth it. Sometimes it can look scary to spend more at the beginning, but in the long run, it is a smart financial decision. Buying products one by one is more expensive than all together. Most of the products you will need anyway, and you can’t start a business partially prepared. Equip yourself with a variety of tanning supplies. Kits are the best options as they consist of different things.

California Tan Sunless Corrector Kit

The skin will not only get that beautiful golden glow, but it will look healthy and of course – evenly tanned.

California Tan Sunless Tanning Kit

It consists of Color Maximizer which prepares the skin, Instant Sunless Lotion that gives the bronze colour and Tan Extender with Bronzers which does as the name suggests.

Fuji Spray 2150 Ultra Quiet Tanning Business kit

This kit has everything needed for the quietest spray tan setup. It also comes with Norvell tanning solutions and a spray tanning tent.

Fuji Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit for any Fuji Spray Tanning Machine system. If you decided on this brand, don’t miss a chance to add this too. It makes the cleaning easier and more efficient.

Fuji Spray Tan Salon Pro 2150 HVLP Elite Kit

What don’t you get in here? Quite an airbrush tanning kit. And we are not only talking about quantity, but also quality. On top of that, the price for this kit is not high at all. No doubt you will get your profit.

Norvell Sunless Support Retail Kit

So much Norvell products for such a low price. By buying this kit you will save up more than double.

Fuji Spray 2100 / 3000 miniTAN Filter, 2-Pack (4009-2)

Having a spare of everything when running a business is essential. Ensure that you have a spare of filters and that way you can rotate them after cleaning.

St Tropez DARK Bronzing Mist Spray Tanning Solution 33.8

The result after the use of this mist is an amazing deep bronzed look. You will love it as much as your customers.

Norvell Professional Products Kit 2017

A recommended kit that includes all the thing a professional salon needs. Get all these fine products for an even finer price. Like any other kit listed here, this one will guarantee you a profit too.